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"Auto Racing" specialised in both genuine car manufacturer and aftermarket auto parts from all around the world. Japan from the Asia Pacific region to the Europe (The UK and The Netherlands) and the USA etc. We place orders to the car manufacturers directly with no intermediate parties. This helps to lower the commission costs and benefits to the buyer.

"Auto Racing" 代購世界各地各大車廠及改裝廠之零配件,包括日本、英國、荷蘭及美國等地方,本店直接聯絡當地車廠購貨,可減免本地各大代理之佣金。本店另一個目標是令到本地玩家能夠有一個開放式平台,從中選購便宜又岩心水既正貨,玩得開心又放心